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Hearing Impairment affects 1 in 6 people 
In order to interpret a sound the process involves not only a physical response but also neurological, as the brain attempts to decipher the information delivered from your ear.  
There are many problems afflicting the ear that are either neurally induced or that have neural and physical repercussions such as Tinnitus or Vertigo. 
What can Reeds Hearing Care do for you... 
Hearing Protection provided by Reeds Hearing Care
Provide protection from the causes of hearing damage such as loud and harmful noises such as machinery. 
Identify hearing problems correctly. Many people do not know what an immensely complex system the human ear is and that it is responsible for both your hearing and balance. 
Provide relief from some cases of Tinnitus using hearing aids that balance out the vibrations in the ear. 
Provide the correct hearing aid to bring back your quality of life. 
The advancements in hearing aid design and development provide hearing solutions tailored to you. 
Connect you wirelessly to your TV, Phone and more. 
almost invisible hearing aid fitted to young woman
Correct Diagnosis 

You have nothing to lose apart from your hearing 

Reeds Hearing Care Ltd is a family business, based in Swindon just off the M4 in Wiltshire, who advise on hearing difficulties and hearing protection. Founded in 1974 Reeds consists of David and Gillian Reed who together provide a combined experience of over 70 years and currently care for many thousands of people from all over the UK. 
Providing the right advice and the correct hearing aid to achieve the best results requires understanding and knowledge gained through learning and experience. Reeds supply most popular Hearing Aids, along with batteries, wax guards and other equipment for making the most of your hearing aid. 


The last 70 years has seen the most advancement in technology the world has ever seen. Technology has changed the way we live, eat, sleep and hear. With the development of smaller, and more advanced, circuits and components Hearing Aids have increased in power and quality yet are available so small that they can sit directly within the ear canal, hardly noticeable to both wearers and others. 


There has also been the increased development and use of Digital Hearing Aids. These are digitally controlled Hearing Aids, fully programmable to suit the wearers hearing loss and lifestyle. While still not as powerful as Analogue Hearing Aids digital can be programmed by a computer to filter and cut out loud or background noise while still providing amplification for local speech or sounds. 
Hearing care ear examination at Reeds Hearing Care
The right advice 
reeds hearing care providing professional examination and diagnosis of hearing difficulties
Virtually invisible solutions 
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